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App Design for Food Insecurity

Adobe Creative Jam: Design For Change with SoDa Agencies


During an Adobe Creative Jam two-week design sprint I led a team through research, design development, and prototyping. The design challenge was based around food insecurity and my team focused our efforts on older adults, age 65 and above, who are too scared to grocery shop during Covid-19. The final product was an app that provides a way for people to volunteer within their community by delivering groceries to older adults.


My role as team lead included project management, organizing files, creating a project timeline, and making deadlines. I also designed the logo, as well as pitching our final project to judges. This project awarded third place out of thirty-five participating teams.

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  • 3rd place; 35 entries

My Roles

  • Research

  • Project Management 

  • User Experience Design

My Team

  • Porfirio Moreno

  • Gabby Castro

The Problem

Food insecurity and Food waste in the midst of a pandemic

The People

Older adults age 60 and older who don't feel comfortable getting groceries in a pandemic

Our Solution

A grocery delivery system, recruiting volunteers to deliver to older adults. 

Research Phase

September 25th - October 2nd

In order to overcome quarantine barriers, my team and I utilized platforms like Google Jam boards, Slack and Mural to organize our thoughts and work collaboratively. We scheduled one socially distanced in-person meeting where we decided to design an app that would incentivize volunteers to grocery shop and make deliveries for older adults in need.

IMG_8223 (2).JPG


We threw ideas up on a foam board which served as our make-shift whiteboard. From these ideas we formed our concept.

Mood Board.jpg


We collected various images to make up a moodboard which we then used to create our style guide.

style guide.jpg

Style guide

Our style guide included typography, buttons, margins, and change states.


User Journey Map

We developed a user journey map, deciding what step the users would take and when.


October 3rd - October 12th

We used Adobe XD to design two user journeys through our app. We had a volunteer side and a Ma or Pop side of the app, for the older adults. We chose to use a retro style to guide color and typeface choices. All together we designed 59 screens, utilizing Adobe XD features like components, and repeating grids.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 4.19.20 PM.png


We laid out where we initially thought elements would be on our screens. 


Final Design

We landed on our final design. Our app has two user flows, one for the volunteer and one for the older adult. We designed each side of the app with the specific users needs in mind. We designed the older adult side to address any accessibility features that might be needed. We incentivised the volunteers to get involved in their community with rewards. 

Link to Adobe XD prototype


I was ecstatic to be awarded third place out of thirty-five teams in this Adobe Challenge to solve food insecurity. The process of deciding a direction, developing a concept and then designing an app in 20 days was strenuous. It took a lot of organization and dedication and I enjoyed rising to the challenge.  As the project manager, I was excited to develop my time management skills, organization, staff management, and team motivation skills. If we were to continue developing this app, I would like to explore the possibility of things not going according to pln. This would include designing a feature that addresses a hypothetical scenario where an older adult user does not receive their groceries. Another aspect I would like to explore are ways to increase grocery store involvement in the app.