Nite Lite

Projection Based Wayfinding System

We solved a mobility issue we found in Culver City, CA.  We found that way-finding was incredibly confusing in this city area. We solved this problem by creating an interactive projection based way-finding system. Nite Lite includes an app and projections to guide you to a given destination.

September 25th - October 2nd


During the time of quarantine, team brainstorming is more difficult. We utilized platforms like google Jam boards and Mural to organize our thoughts. Eventually we decided to do a socially sitanced in person meeting. This is when we got our idea to focus on older adults and getting groceries to them safely by incentivizing volunteers.

October 3rd - October 12th


We used Adobe XD to design two user journeys through our app. We had a volunteer side and a Ma or Pop side of the app, for the older adults. We chose to use a retro style to guide color and typeface choices. All together we designed 59 screens, utilizing Adobe XD features like components, and repeating grids.

October 13th - October 16th


In order to describe our app in three minutes we needed widdle down our entire project. We had 59 screens to run through and describe how the user would be navigating them. We chose to highlight the most important parts of our app. For the final presentation I represented our team and presented in front of the judges.



We brought together imagery that felt retro and from that we chose our style guide.

Mood Board.jpg


We tried different typefaces with different colors to land on our final logo design


We planned out where we wanted certain elements on our screens.

Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 4.19.20 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 4.57.40 PM.png


We created two user flows, one for the volunteer and one for the older adults. There is a tutorial to explain for the app works, then the user is guided to begin their journey to deliver or receive groceries safely. Link to the Adobe XD prototype.